(ISTFD 2024)

27-29 July 2024, Xi'an, China


Prof.Guoqing Li

Institute of Engineering Thermophysics,

Chinese Academy of Sciences

11 Beisihuanxi Road, Beijing, China.


Dr. Guoqing Li is a Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He achieved his Ph. D from Beihang University in 2010. His main research interest includes heat transfer in aero-engine, adaptive sealing in aero-engine, application of AI in turbomachinery and measurement of turbomachinery. He has proposed the gradual cooling layout of turbine blade and has designed a series of advanced seals. Some of the results have been applied in several types of real aero-engines. He has chaired more than 10 national projects including the National Science Function of China, National Science and Technology Major Project, etc. He has published more than 50 papers and has applied for more than 30 patents. He received some awards such as the First Prize for Military Scientific and Technological Progress, Outstanding Prize for Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements.


Flow and Heat Transfer of Film Cooling on a Turbine Blade with Subregional Compound Angle


Under the function of secondary flow and rotation, the film cooling deviates from the flow direction on the turbine blade, which directly results in undesirable uneven film coverage. This report presents the latest development of a new Gradual Film Cooling Layout with Subregional Compound Angle for both turbine guide vane and rotor blade to overcome the influence of secondary flow and rotation. More accurate estimation of the mixing loss due to film cooling has been done by developing a total three-dimensional method. Quantitative correlation is firstly established between the heat transfer and evolution of vortices. The new film cooling layout is proved to obviously improve the film cooling performance and reduce the aerodynamic loss, and has been applied in a type of real aero-engine.