(ISTFD 2023)

27-29 July 2023, Nanjing, China


You Yancheng

School of Aerospace Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China

You Yancheng has been Professor in School of Aerospace Engineering, Xiamen University, since 2012. His research interests include aerodynamics, hypersonic inlet design, and CFD technique. He has supervised and co-supervised over 20 PhD students to a successful completion. He is also giving courses about aerodynamics and gasdynamics. He has published more than 100 papers and more than 80 patents. He has undertaken more than 10 projects as project leader such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China. He received China Youth May Fourth Medal in 2020, the first prize of Fujian Province's Science and Technology Progress Award in 2020, the first prize of the Science Award of the Ministry of Education in 2021, the 17th China Youth Science and Technology Award in 2022. Website:

Title: Three-dimensional curved shock theory and its applications 

Abstract: Three-dimensional curved shock theory is developed and applied to planar, axisymmetric and three-dimensional curved shock flow fields. Explicit equations are given in a specific coordinate relating the first-order gradients of pre-shock and post-shock flow parameters to shock curvature. Two types of applications are demonstrated. First, the post-shock flow patterns behind known planar and axisymmetric curved shocks are solved and analyzed using the three-dimensional curved shock equations. Compared with previous theoretical results, the great agreement shows the validity of the curved shock theory. Second, the curved-shock Mach reflection is modeled and analyzed. The three-dimensional curved shock theory introduced in this paper is of great significance to deeply understand the physical properties of curved shock Mach reflections. It provides theoretical and methodological supports for the aerodynamic inverse design of supersonic and hypersonic vehicles in the future.